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What are the health benefits of the spa

The term spa is generally used to denote a set of aesthetic treatments based on hydrotherapy. Many people use this practice to regain a calm state of mind and to relieve the effects of stress. Today, the spa is recognized for its countless benefits for both mental and physical health. So, for people who are considering opting for this type of treatment, here is a summary of the virtues of the spa on health in general.

The spa allows you to relax

One of the main reasons for the success of the spa is its ability to promote relaxation and relaxation. Several scientific studies have shown that the combined effects of weightlessness and heat stimulate the production of endorphins. Also called “happiness hormones”, these molecules released by the brain are used primarily to release muscle or nervous tension. In addition, endorphins have analgesic properties and promote deep relaxation. The spa is therefore recommended by many specialists as a complementary treatment in cases of increased stress or severe anxiety.

However, it should be noted that the relaxing effect of the jacuzzi on mental health is temporary. Thus, to benefit from a feeling of long-term well-being, regular sessions are essential.

The spa is effective in cleaning the skin

Beauty treatments performed in a spa are generally intended to cleanse the skin thoroughly. It is therefore essential to invest in the spa to optimize the supply of nutrients to your skin and to prevent certain skin conditions such as acne or eczema.

A scientific investigation carried out at the Lena University Dermatological Hospital (Germany) confirmed the beneficial effects of the spa on skin health. According to the findings of this report, people who frequently visit places such as spa and sauna enjoy long-term skin protection. In addition, it has been observed in those concerned, a regulation of the fat content of the epidermis and a delay in drying of the skin.

In addition, the heat of the water, combined with the action of the jets, causes the pores of the skin to dilate and implies a deep cleansing of the latter. The spa therefore serves to eliminate impurities from the skin and allows the epidermis to regenerate and purify itself.



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