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A spa weekend for two!

Complete and effective relaxation

In an exotic, quiet and luxurious, we offer you the most relaxation possible. Why not try the massage in two where we reserve the best possible reception for you to put at ease. We guarantee for you a pleasant feeling of well-being on our spa in the dark. Before anything else, massage is strongly suggested. You will be side by side and you could exchange from time to time while admiring each other. Obviously, you will enjoy the musical atmosphere offered. It is a real game of romanticism to which you will blossom fully with your soul mate. But most importantly, do not think that our masseuses and masseurs will neglect the massage of your body. In addition to the heavenly setting, they will perform your desire from head to toe. Facial treatments, body treatments accompanied by various scrubs will be offered by the house.

Nothing better than a relaxing session in the jacuzzis

You will be quiet and nobody will come to disturb you in your corner. The hot tub for sale are decorated according to your preference. There are the classic, exotic or cool styles that vary according to your demand. No one will bother you and you will be absolutely alone in your corner. We only respond to your requests and we only show you when you want. Our team is the specialist in pampering couples during a relaxation for two. The materials used are also not to be despised. We put at your service all that is best, luxury. All this to help you totally blend and forget the stressful moments you have gone through in the routine of your daily life. You will not be disappointed, you just have to pass because in addition to all these advantages, many others will still suffocate your moment of relaxation in our premises.

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