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Beauty tips for the winter ahead

To welcome the cold season, and take a sneak out of the harsh winter months ahead, an improvement in the beauty routine is required. Say goodbye to drought, red noses and crunchy lips with these tips that will help you look good despite the wind, snow and Siberian cold. It's an opportunity to get out of your jacuzzi bathtubs.

Gentle cleaning

In winter, use a soap and fragrance-free facial cleanser for gentle cleansing. Avoid aggressive cleansers that remove the skin's natural moisture, leaving it completely dry. Seal the moisture of your skin by opting instead for a gentle cleanser that does not dry the skin.

Hot, but not too much!

In winter, nothing is more comforting than a hot bath or a long, hot shower, but there is nothing worse to remove the natural oils from the skin. Instead, opt for lukewarm water and, instead of rubbing the skin with a towel, sponge it gently to limit dehydration and irritation.


To combat dry skin that peels, hydration is the key, but exfoliation is an important ally that should not be neglected. Immediately after the exfoliation, apply an emollient moisturizer to prevent the recurrence of desiccated areas.


Immediately after bathing or showering, the skin acts like a sponge. This is the perfect time to apply a moisturizer and maximize its effects. To find the right moisturizer, you have to rely on ingredients that repair the lipid barrier of the skin and prevent loss of hydration.

A spa session

Do not be afraid to have a little spa session in your Jacuzzi and let yourself be carried away by the benefits of hydrotherapy and hydromassage. These therapies can tone you and give your skin suppleness and softness.

Now, you can spend your winter in serenity because practical tips can optimize your body care, including the use of your home jacuzzi.


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