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How to see the islands of Ibiza

Balearic tourism and, mainly, the trip to Ibiza, often from mass tourism, with inclusive stay in the resorts. The name alone suggests discos, dream beaches ... But the island of Ibiza, also have amazing places and sometimes much less known. This is another trip to Ibiza that we invite you, a magical island to an ecological project, through charmed natural hollows (one converted into an unusual aquarium). Although Ibiza is an island of 575 km², there is no shortage of places to visit during a stay on this peninsula of the Balearic Islands. From Eivissa, to Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, you have not stopped being astonished by the riches that Ibiza has to offer.

The seabed of Ibiza also gives the thrill

The turquoise color of its waters is based on the existence of oceanic Posidonia, these seabed plants acknowledged by Unesco as World Heritage Sites. Inland, Ibiza is also visited because of its historical riches. Since 1999, UNESCO has protected a number of sites: the extra-muros quarters of the marina, its Penya and es Soto, which has been predominantly popular with international artists over the centuries.

Island of Formentera

Accessible from Ibiza by boat, Formentera is one of the most precious hidden resources of this archipelago. A true muse for artists from all over the world, this island embodies calm compared to the hustle and bustle of Ibiza. Ibiza is an Eldorado that you must not miss under any situations. Enjoy a swim in the calm waters, or ride a scooter or bike to fully immerse you in the beauty of the island.

Cala Salada

This peaceful beach in the heart of a pine forest will delight lovers of nature. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. boat rental ibiza and discover this creek of small pebbles, ideal for a day with family, far from the tourist crowds of the beaches more ease of access.

Ibiza is a marvel that is not only value visiting for its DJs! Natural landscapes are much more preserved than people think, especially in the north of the island. The beaches of rocks, white sand or red are all more beautiful than the others. You can submerge yourself in the calming atmosphere that has reigned here for millennia. The best means to go Ibiza is by boat. The white island has always been a land of welcome and variety.


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