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Hydrotherapy at it's finest with Tropicspa equipment

The use of a spa offers very substantial benefits. It's easy to understand how spa sessions can help you feel refreshed by improving your health and state of mind. Each session brings you a positive and real benefits.

Water and its benefits

The water is heated to the ideal temperature of your metabolism. It is kept at this temperature permanently, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your SPA whenever you want. You only have to decide to benefit from a privileged personal moment, that's all. Whether indoors or outdoors your spas guarantee pleasure without constraint, no planning is necessary. The time required for its use is less than 20 seconds. Outside, remember that the more you can place your hot tubs for sale near your home, the more you can use it immediately. In the evening, enjoy a starry sky by letting yourself be massaged.

Spa qualities

No earthworks, no plumbing work, no connection to sewage, no declaration of work! All gardens, terraces and interiors can receive one of our spas. Our spas are autonomous and called "transportable". They only require a simple electric inlet to be used, and the filling is done by your garden hose once a quarter. They settle directly on a terrace or on a simple concrete slab 8 to 10cm thick, or on slabs or pavers placed on a bed of sand. They are designed to be installed outdoors without any risk and thanks to their "triple insulation" they provide you with the lowest power consumption possible. In a similar way to the successive fitness exercises at the fitness centres, our spas will help you relax and treat the places where you can store pain, from the soles of the feet to your neck, through all the muscles stretched on your back and your body.

A session in one of our cheaper spas is the equivalent of a personal reset that will help you to stay alive and positive.


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